Saturday, 25 July 2009

Drawings and a water colour.

pencil study of a boy dancing (not that happy with this, but there are bits I like )

water colour of a boat ( done a few years ago, photo has come out darker than the original )

pencil study of a dancer ( July 2009 )I like this one..


  1. You ARE an artist, and if you keep posting, I just might want to buy some of it. Seriously, I like the way the colors flow, and I like the feelings of sensitivity and thoughtfulness that seem to hit me when I look at the pencil drawings of the dancers. And even though you don't like the drawing of the boy, I like the simplicity that comes through, as if this simple drawing is an enticing gateway to a story behind it. Does that make sense? Anyway, I enjoyed observing your gallery, and feel as if I've been to a little museum whilst in my pajamas and eating a midnight snack. Keep expressing yourself. You do have a gift that blesses others.

  2. Inkling, I love it when you come to visit me. You always have such lovely things to say. I wish we lived closer so we could sit down and have a good old chat!Sarah x

  3. I'm with Inkling, you are an artist. I love all of these drawings and paintings. There is so much depth to them - as Inkling says you must have really thought about them because that's what comes out when you look at them. They really are alive.

    I can't wait to see the finished boys !


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