Thursday, 30 July 2009

Water colour of girl.

Not how I wanted this to turn out at all. Too pale and wishy washy. The drawing I liked ,but its obviously too long since I painted. Will have to work on it. Grrrrr!!


  1. Well maybe you were a bit nervous putting the paint over your drawing ? I could only ever draw a bit, but if it looked half decent I would always spoil it because I painted too much over it !

    Do you use pictures to draw or do you imagine the poses and draw from memory ?

  2. Hi again,

    Are you worried at all about your drawings being copied on Blogger ?

    I've been concerned about the easiness of copying for a while but there is nothing that I can find in Google help to change the settings so that photo's, drawings etc are protected and prevented from being copied.

    Just wondered whether you had any more info on Blogger or were worried about it ?

  3. Hi Elise.It varies... I draw from photos sometimes, sometimes from my imagination and sometimes I mix the 2. I also draw when I am out and about - have drawn a water mill today which I plan to paint.

    As for copying - I have watermarked a lot of my stuff with my blog address and have found a site that searches for plagiarised pieces.I think a lot of the time you have to rely on people's honesty and conscience. How else can you stop people?S

  4. Thank you Sarah. Re the copying issue - I thought that Google should offer the facility to prevent work being copied - you know how some site prevent you from clicking and copying an image. It just seems that Google makes it too easy to be tempted & I would have thought you could add some code to your pictures to prevent copying. I do agree that you have to trust people in the main, but I am surprised that on you can't take steps to prevent your work from being copied quite so easily.

  5. I do have software on the site so I know that some of my work has been downloaded already. What can I do? I suppose I have the consolation of knowing that I have any originals.I just hope they are copied because they are enjoyed.S


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