Sunday, 30 August 2009

Portrait of a girl - Layla, in watercolour.

I had to have another go at this portrait of Layla. I am much happier with this one, but I will probably have another go at a later date. I have learned to sketch in a 2B pencil for the outline of a watercolour - that way the pencil doesn't spoil the clarity of the paint.

The blog makes this look very pale, but the original has good depth and colour, which I'm pleased with... you could click to get a better view, but it still doesn't quite show it..


  1. A lovely watercolor!

    I love the pic of ballet shoes and the dancers too!!

    Wish to get back to painting myself.. :)

    And no, it's not me on the pic! :)
    Interesting to find people with the same nick/name online!

  2. I like the pale look Sarah - very minimal.



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