Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Studies of pointe shoes...in watercolour.

I am afraid that quite a few of my paintings and drawings have been disappearing from my blog.... well, not disappearing, but they have been downloaded. Much as I am flattered by this I am also disappointed that people don't even bother to leave a comment or ask if I mind. So, I have put watermarks on these, which is a shame, but hey, its my blog and I can cry if I want to...

pointe shoes in watercolour

red pointe shoes in watercolour.....from imagination

watercolour pointe shoes from photo

watercolour pointe shoes from photo


  1. I'd buy them.... I love the red one the best. Something about the movement and depth which really brings it alive.

    I'm due to post some dancer pics with purple shoes soon - maybe they too will give you inspiration !

    Hope we can find a way around the watermark so I can use the red on in my article ?

  2. p.s. I just copied the red shoes pic just to make sure the watermark stayed in place through the process - which I'm pleased to say it does. Please dont' think I was trying to copy illegally !

  3. Where are you going to publish your piece - on your blog or elsewhere?S

  4. Hello again, just to say I've sent you an award - http://elise-wwwwords.blogspot.com/2009/08/elise-royal-ballet-award-winning.html

  5. thank you Sarah - I've just snaffled it so if you want to put the watermark back please do...

    I've checked and so far no-one has copied any of your drawings on my site, so lets hope your message has got through !

    I know not everyone has to work with the responsibility that goes with journalism and I'm lucky that I have backing should I need it legally - but still - people should just have common sense about these things !

    I'm so chuffed that you are really getting back into drawing. I can see with each one that you are more and more into it. I think you should start putting price tags on them !

    Would you like me to add something in my intro to the effect that you would sell them if asked ?

    I'm still working on things for the papers so there is still every chance that your drawings will make it into print...

  6. I love the red one the best. Something about the movement and depth which really brings it alive.

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  9. These are stunning. I am looking for something in red to complete a ballerina gallery wall in my daughters room. Do you sell prints?

  10. Hi Anonymous! I don't sell my work at the moment, but I am working on a way to do that. Maybe I will start up an Etsy page.Thank you for your positive comment!


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